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The Importance of Knowing Who the People in Your Market Are and What’s Important to Them»

I was asked the other day why I use WordPress as my development platform. Even though WordPress dominates the web with approx. 23% of websites using it, there are other other platforms.

Using Gravity Forms in a Popup Window»

I recently wanted to add a feedback form that would be available on every page. Putting a feedback form in the footer would have been awkward, so I went looking for a popup (modal window) solution. Since we were already using Gravity Forms, I wanted to use it in the modal window, rather than one of the all-in-one solutions out there, like Popup Contact Form.

Filtering Custom Post Types with Dropdown Menu»

I was recently called on to allow user filtering of custom post results. WESST’s new website lists all trainings (custom post type) for all six regions, sorted by date of training. We needed to allow site visitors to show trainings for only the region they select from a dropdown menu.

WordCamp Maine 2014: Just Another WordPress Designer/Developer»

There are so many designers and developers with WordPress skills (at all levels) freelancing; sometimes it seems the old saw, “can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one” applies. But…

Making Microsoft Internet Explorer Behave»

I’ve heard that IE9 and IE10 are supposed to be compliant with web standards, particularly IE10. And according to the browser emulation tool I use, and according to most people who use these browsers, that seems to be the case.

WordCamp ABQ 2013 Presentation: Making the Leap from Designer to Designer/Developer»

This is my presentation from WordCamp Albuquerque 2013. Mostly useful for the links to resources on the next to last page.

When Good Webhosts Go Bad: Giving up on Hostgator»

Hostgator used to be a great webhosting company. Evo had been a Hostgator reseller for at least 6 years, the longest we’d ever been with a hosting company. I had no reason to think they wouldn’t continue to meet our needs.

WordCamp Albuquerque 2013 Schedule is in place!»

There is a full lineup of great sessions in place at WordCamp Albuquerque 2013! With three tracks (Designer, Developer, and User/Publisher), and a kids session and a hackathon, there is truly something for everyone who attends.

Code: Changing Title Fields for Custom Post Types»

Nice little function to make the WordPress CMS a little better. Add to theme’s functions.php.

Yes Virginia, Gmail accounts can be hacked and hijacked»

Today, Christmas day (hence the lame Christmas-related post title), my Gmail account was hijacked and used to send spam to (apparently) my entire Gmail contact list. I have no idea how it was done, or exactly when, because I was not paying much attention to email today.