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Aug 15, 2013 – 

Evo owner Ray Gulick is deeply involved in WordCamp Albuquerque 2013; as an organizer, sponsor, and presenter. “When we say ‘all WordPress, all the time,’ we really mean it,” said Gulick. This is his third year as organizer and presenter with WordCamp Albuquerque.

“The WordPress community in New Mexico is growing, and I love being part of it,” said Gulick. “WordPress is on a roll worldwide, with nearly 18% of all websites on the platform, and Evo is being dragged along for the ride.” Evo focuses on CMS-based websites for businesses and professional organizations.

Ray is presenting in the designer track: Making the Leap from Designer to Designer/Developer. “There are a lot of designers who understand CSS and HTML, and how to change the look and feel of a WordPress website, but many shy away from code, which would give them the ability to customize how a website functions,” he said. “My presentation is for designers who want to step into the coding part of the process, which is really just an extension of the design process. It might ruin their lives—or at least some of their weekends—but they’ll be able to do things they used to call a programmer friend to do for them.”

See presentation slides, Making the Leap from Designer to Designer/Developer.