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Dec 4, 2012 – 

Evo recently launched a website for Nat Josel, CLU, LUTCF. Mr. Josel is a long-time insurance marketer who noticed in the last couple of years that buying lists and sending postcards in the mail was no longer working for him. He’d heard about “attraction marketing”—harnessing search engines to help clients find him—and he came to us looking for specific information. We explained how creating content on a regular basis (blogging) could raise his search profile with people searching for information about insurance online.

“Nat has something going for him that many business people do not: he can write. And he enjoys writing.” said Ray Gulick, Evo principal and creative director. “As a result, he will probably continue to post information to his blog and, sooner or later, he will attract some search traffic that includes people who are ready to buy health insurance or one of the other lines Nat carries. Furthermore, his blog posts and the rest of his website contain real, usable information. His site is not just a lot of fluffy marketing messages.”

While attraction marketing is proven to work, and at a cost far below traditional marketing techniques, it requires a commitment to regular content creation. “Having a website is like having a power saw and a hammer,” said Gulick. “Hammers and saws don’t build houses just because you have them: you have to put them to use.”

Mr. Josel’s website is built on the WordPress platform, utilizing Evo’s evoWhitespace theme.