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Blogging is a proven means of growing your business. If you have knowledge or expertise to share with your customers, chances are excellent that they’re already online searching for that very information and looking for a place to buy what they want based on the information they find.

That’s the new shopping experience:

  1. research information online using Google or another search engine
  2. find stores that carry what you’re looking for, online or local
  3. make a purchase, online or locally (it’s a huge mistake to assume local buyers aren’t looking online for local stores, because they are)

You’ve used that process yourself, no doubt. Blogging takes advantage of the process by making you findable in search engine results (Google loves focused, frequently updated content). If people like what they find on your website, visitors can be converted to customers and clients.

And the best news? The cost is minimal and the results can be phenomenal, especially compared to “traditional” advertising and marketing methods. We’ll set up your WordPress blog and we’ll show you how to make the process work for you, helping you with any difficulties you encounter along the way. For maximum boost to traffic to your website, we’ll integrate a blog into a website redesign built entirely on WordPress.

Blog design, customization, and implementation starts as low as $900, with ongoing consulting available for monthly fees determined by your needs.