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Support FAQs

Please scan the FAQs below to see if you can find an answer for your question. If your question remains unanswered, please call 505-577-4002 for assistance, or submit a support ticket with your question (requires registration).

I logged in to submit a support request, but I still cannot see the support form.»

Sometimes browsers cache the support page, and don’t recognize you’re now logged in. If you’ve logged in but still don’t see the support form on evowebdev.com/support, try force-refreshing your browser.

If that doesn’t do it, find instructions for clearing cache in your browser here: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

If I’m not subscribing to a support plan, why do I have to register to get support?»

In order to use our time more efficiently, all support requests are coming to us through our help desk provider (currently HelpScout). Even if you get hold of me on the phone or email me, I’ll probably ask you to submit a ticket so I have a record of the support request in the same place as all the other support requests.

In order to access the support form, you need to be logged in. The support subscription/registration form is how you create a user with login credentials, whether you subscribe to a maintenance/support plan or register as a “no plan” user.

Can I convert from a non-paid user to a subscriber?»

Yes, but you will need to let me know ahead of time so I can delete your non-paid user account (assuming you want to use the same email address). The system will reject a new user with a duplicate email address.

Can I get support if I submit a ticket outside normal support hours?»

Absolutely! My response may not be immediate, however, beyond the auto-reply letting you know your support request was received.

I registered as a support user, but I haven’t received my login information.»

Support user registration is manually approved, which means I need to be where I can view the pending registration, verify that you’re an Evo client, and click “Activate.” If I’m away from my desk (at a meeting, or on the road, for example), your activation may not be immediate. Once activated, your username and password will be sent. Please monitor your spam folder as well, as system emails sometimes end up there.

I notice the Priority Plan includes “priority assistance.” What does that mean?»

Quite simply, it means a support request from a client with the Priority Plan has priority over whatever else I’m doing. If there are support requests from multiple Priority Plan clients at the same time, then I juggle the best I can. It would be fun to watch, probably.

Can I “bank” unused hours of assistance?»

No. Sorry.

Do you make deals for clients with more than one website?»

Current plans are priced per website, rather than per client. But, call me to discuss: 505-577-4002. We might be able to work something out.