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ClassicPress/WordPress Design and Development


It always surprises us how many websites still function primarily as “online brochures.” One website at a time, we’re trying to move New Mexico businesses and organizations to the “website as online tool” paradigm.

Evo starts by understanding and analyzing your business needs. We work to understand your market and your brand. We work to understand the role you want your website to play in connecting your business/organization with your market. Then we build a site that incorporates solutions for traditional needs like marketing and ecommerce, but also for things like scheduling systems, registration systems, business dashboards, social media integration, and much more.

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Strategy – We look at how your website fits into your business goals and how it can best support your brand and reach your market.

Content – We recommend web-savvy writers on many projects, because website content should not be the weak link in your online messaging. In addition, we map out an information architecture scheme that optimizes the impact of your website content for your most important audiences.

Design and Development – Web design and development is a creative process involving the integration of content, information architecture, functionality, technology, aesthetics, fulfillment of business goals, and support of your brand. WordPress provides a flexible, extensible platform that accommodates any design needs.

Responsiveness – Websites are no longer viewed only on computer screens. Websites must be responsive to serve your audience on mobile phones and tablets, which is how most of your visitors access your website.

Technology – Design has to integrate with website programming and database design, as well as with current web standards. We understand how to integrate technology with look and feel so you don’t have to choose between a website that looks good and one that’s functional. WordPress fits seamlessly into this approach.

Functionality/Applications – Think of your website as your very own cloud platform for some of your business applications. We review your application needs and determine if there is an opportunity for you to integrate applications with your website.

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