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About Evo

Ray Gulick, WordPress Whisperer

Evolution Web Development (Evo) designs and builds websites as business platforms: sites that serve business needs and help businesses and organizations serve and interact with customers and prospects.

Evo never looks at a website as only a “technology project.” We know websites are tools designed to accomplish specific marketing, communication, and business objectives. And we know your business needs will change, so we work hard to build in growth potential and adaptability, creating a site that meets your business needs today and in the future.

Evo has expertise in WordPress as a platform for business websites. We’ve developed our own highly customizable, responsive WordPress theme framework suitable for business and professional organization websites. Evo is also involved in the ClassicPress fork of WordPress, focused on business websites and easy-to-use CMS.

Evo was founded in May, 2000, by Ray Gulick (that’s me). With 20 years of prior experience as a print designer/art director and 7 years as a corporate marketing communications manager, my goal at Evo from the beginning has been to build websites that meet companies’ marketing and business objectives.

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