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Portfolio: Logo Design

  • Built by Dad

    Built by Dad

    This DIY carpentry projects company never launched a product, but I thought they had a cool idea: ready-to-assemble projects made with wood, such as backyard swing sets, playhouses, birdhouses, etc. 

  • Santa Fe Performance Exchange

    Santa Fe Performance Exchange

    SFPX is a non-profit organization that brings great music to stages around Santa Fe.

  • Kokopelli Technologies

    Kokopelli Technologies

    Kokopelli Technologies carries men’s fertility products. Kokopelli is a fertility deity in the southwest US. His image has been depicted in rock art for at least 2000 years.

  • Global Haptics

    Global Haptics

    Global Haptics developed a unique 3D modeling device; a “ball” with sensitive areas distributed around its surface that allow you to model computer 3D objects intuitively.

  • IntelliCyt Corp.

    IntelliCyt Corp.

    IntelliCyt is an Albuquerque-based biotech company with software, hardware and services that support cell-based screening via high throughput flow cytometry.

  • Backhaul Services Group

    Backhaul Services Group

    Backhaul provides telecommunications backbone infrastructure in the northeastern US.

  • Soulful Presence

    Soulful Presence

    Soulful Presence is a non-profit organization that focuses on social issues, in particular those having to do with disabilities.

  • Zooniversity


    Zooniversity is a Dallas, Texas company that provides animal education programs for schools, libraries, and private events.

  • Great Santa Fe Homes

    Great Santa Fe Homes

    Santa Fe-based online realtor; this website was never launched due to the vagaries (or should we say, “brutalities”) of the real estate market.

  • Puppy Scraps™

    Puppy Scraps™

    I can’t divulge the nature of this product as it’s still in development, but I believe the logo will resonate with puppy owners. Do you see the puppy’s tongue in the “u”? Cute, huh? Cute works for puppy owners.

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