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We value your privacy. Not as much as you do, no doubt, but we don’t do anything to compromise your privacy. We collect no personal data surreptitiously on this website. Unless you send us a message via our contact form, we have no idea that you’ve visited. Really. You can make faces and rude comments; we won’t know.

We do collect aggregate visitor information via Google Analytics, but we are unable to identify individual visitors. That information includes what browser you use, how long you visited, the website that contained a link that may have brought you here, etc.

If you submit a message via our contact form, we will keep the information you share with us in our database. But we won’t make it available to any other companies or individuals for any reason. Unless they are government agents with the authority to throw us in Gitmo and take any information they want, by any means necessary. Then, maybe, we will turn over your request for a website estimate to them. 

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