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I’ve known Casey Hibbard for approximately five years, and have provided web design/development services for her. She has written some case studies, or “success stories” as she prefers, for my company. She’s smart and has a lot of integrity, and I was thrilled when she told me she was writing a book about how to create and use success stories in marketing. The book was recently released, and Casey sent me a copy.

The first thing I’m struck with, in a quick perusal of the book, is its breadth and depth. Virtually no aspect of case studies is left untouched, from planning to getting customer permission, to research, to interviewing, to writing stories that get people’s attention, to how to use the stories in your marketing efforts, and a lot more I’ve left out for the sake of brevity. To call the book a “complete guide” isn’t hype, just a simple statement of fact.

On closer reading, I’m even more impressed at the amount and character of useful information provided. I’m beginning to understand how success stories are a natural outcome of relationship marketing, and how they’re complimentary to social media marketing. A light bulb has been switched on and, for me, that’s the test of a good and useful business book.

Whether you’re a writer looking for ways to incorporate case studies into your bag of tricks or a business owner, this book provides the why, the what, and the how for using stories from satisfied customers to attract new business. And in times like these, that’s really valuable stuff. If you’re a business owner, get the book and read it. If you’re not a writer, hire one and insist they read it before crafting some success stories for you. Or better yet, hire Casey and work with the “Success Stories Guru” herself (my label for her, not hers).

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