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For Evo, it’s time to shake things up; to seek new opportunities, new people, new ways of seeing ourselves. After more than 18 years in Santa Fe, where we started the company, we’re moving to Bernalillo.

From a personal perspective, it’s a big move: living in Santa Fe had become part of my identity. I love its natural beauty, its easy access to outdoor activities, its cultural opportunities, and of course, its restaurants. But the city has it’s problems. To quote from a recent Santa Fe New Mexican story about how housing costs are expected to continue rising: “This smallish city attracts a sizable number of retirees, has a problem keeping its young people, and a substantial chunk of its economy relies on tourism.” In a state that never really recovered from the 2008 recession, Santa Fe is slowly coming back, but its lack of economic diversity makes the comeback vulnerable to the slightest economic ill wind.

Meanwhile, housing construction lags way behind demand in Santa Fe, and the acute housing shortage drives up rents and property values alike. In the article referenced above, experts are predicting things will get worse before they improve, and improvements are not expected soon. While there are many things to love about Santa Fe, an expectation that the local economy will significantly strengthen is not among them.

In contrast, Bernalillo is still a quiet little town (with the exception of the strip along Hwy 550) with little town problems but reasonably quick access to Albuquerque. Business-wise, being in Bernalillo allows Evo to continue to provide service to Santa Fe clients while enhancing our ability to serve existing clients in Albuquerque and our ability to pursue new business in a local economy that’s more diverse and vibrant (recognizing that Albuquerque faces its own challenges). It also helps with my collaboration efforts on an app I’m working on with a developer in Albuquerque (more on that later, as things develop).

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