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It’s been exactly 3 weeks since I called Dex to inquire about Yellow Pages advertising, and was told they would have a “specialist” call me within 2-3 days. I’m still waiting for that call. Frankly, I’m puzzled about why it would take a specialist to read from a price list. Two possible explanations spring to mind:

  1. Yellow Pages pricing is very, very complicated, or
  2. Yellow Pages pricing is so breath-takingly high that Dex needs someone to call me back who is specially trained to deal with price objections, or perhaps to keep me from jumping from the ledge until the firetrucks arrive.

But that’s just speculation; we need facts. To be fair, someone from Dex may have called me. At least 3-4 times every week, I hear from people calling from somewhere on the other side of the globe, and many of them want to put me in a phone directory of one variety or another. As soon as I hear the words “yellow pages,” I interrupt to tell them I’m not interested, thank you, and hang up. Perhaps one of those callers was my Dex specialist. So, I will call Dex again and prepare to listen more closely to those calls over the next few days in order to get the information I’m after.

Where we’re headed with this is a comparison of advertising/marketing approaches for local business in Santa Fe: local radio, local newspaper ads, Yellow Pages, and online (website and blog). It won’t be an ROI comparison (results vary so widely, depending on so many variables), but an out-of-pocket expense comparison. Of course, that comparison will be detailed here on EvoBloggito.

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