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Bandwagons are lots of fun to jump onto: there are usually a lot of upbeat, excited people already there. Many of them are convinced the bandwagon is taking them to a lovely, special place where their dreams will be fulfilled. And possibly they will be. The problem is, when people are in a state of expectant dream fulfillment, they talk as if they’ve found the “one true answer.” And if it’s the one true answer, everyone should be on the bandwagon, right?

We think you need a better basis for making a decision to blog or not. We believe there are questions people in companies can ask themselves, the answers to which may indicate whether or not blogging will help them achieve their goals. Blogging can enable people (and the companies they work for) to do great things that they would not have imagined before they started blogging. It can also be a complete waste of time, money, and effort. There is no ideal company profile by industry, size, or geographic location that indicates the likelihood of successful blogging. In every case, that likelihood rests with an individual’s (and their company’s) ability and desire to have a successful blog. Blogging is not for everyone or for every company.

Make no mistake: we are blogging enthusiasts. We believe blogging creates opportunities for businesses that no other form of communication can provide. We also believe effective blogging can be learned, but only if circumstances support learning.

We’re writing a white paper (it will be available on EvoBloggito) to help you determine if those circumstances exist in your company and if blogging is likely to benefit you and your company. There is no “passing score” for the number of questions checked. It’s up to you to determine both the answers and their bearing on your decision of whether or not to launch a company blog.

If you decide to blog, the whitepaper will also offer some guidance and suggestions to help you get started on the right foot. Because getting started is the biggest step you’ll take.

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