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You may or may not have noticed: you’re looking at a new version of both EvoBloggito and evowebdev.com. They are integrated in a “blogsite”, based on the WordPress platform. Why? Primarily because we think the integration will result in increased search engine traffic for the “non-blog” portion of the site. But also, because we wanted to demonstrate WordPress’ viability as a Content Management System. The entire site does not have to look like a blog. Had we not created a blog section and blog posts, you might not have guessed that the site is built on a blog platform.

EvoBloggito, of course, has been on WordPress from the beginning. But we wanted a closer connection between the blog and the website. The lines are blurring, and that’s a good thing. We believe most businesses would benefit by using this approach, attracting more traffic and engaging with their customers/prospective customers via a blog.

If you would like to learn more about replacing your static website with a WordPress-based blogsite, contact us.

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