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Evo recently launched Energy4me.org, the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ education outreach website, on WordPress. It’s a pretty big site, content-wise, and it required us to grow as WordPress developers (that’s our favorite kind of website) to accomplish some of the functions that were needed.

Our clients, SPE’s Darci Ramirez and Margaret Watson, were wonderful to work with. These are people who do things on schedule and do them well. People who ask your advice and value it enough to incorporate most of it (whatever, in their judgment, makes sense). People who respect your experience and knowledge. People who pay invoices on time. Dream clients, in other words.

“Evolution Web Development surpassed our website strategy and design expectations,” said Margaret Watson, Senior Manager, PR/Communication. “Evo is the only website design firm, large or small, that offered us a creative, out-of-the-box solution that truly addressed our business objectives to help us achieve our goals.”

The website’s audience is primarily elementary and secondary-level teachers, providing information about various energy sources and careers, as well as lesson plans and educational materials. Secondarily, the site provides resources for SPE members in support of their education outreach efforts, including school presentations, career events, and scholarships. Because SPE is an international organization, some information is provided on the website in six languages: Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian, in addition to English.

Ecommerce was implemented, but then pulled back just prior to launch when there was an issue with FedEx furnishing negotiated rates to FoxyCart, the shopping cart, to add appropriate shipping costs. Hopefully, that will soon be ironed out and we can turn the switch back on for online purchases of the Oil & Natural Gas book and the Energy4me Kit.

At any rate, this was a great site to have an opportunity to work on. Most people who’ve seen it “get” that WordPress is more than a blog platform.

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