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Google gets a bit cute (the idea for the “Googlebot” holding flowers comes from a post on Google’s blog entitled First Date with the Googlebot; unless you’re kind of a geek, don’t bother reading the post), but they offer some solid advice in their recently updated Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. If you care about searchbots’ ability to find and rank your website favorably, download it and then read it. And then alter your approach to SEO accordingly.

In 32 pages, the guide covers SEO Basics, Improving Site Structure, Optimizing Content, Dealing with Crawlers, SEO for Mobile Phones, and Promotions and Analysis. It also outlines best practices in each of these areas.

If your website functions as a marketing tool for your business or organization, you can’t afford not to be knowledgeable about SEO. If you have a WordPress-based website, the information in Google’s SEO Guide, and a Google Analytics account that you use to monitor your website, you have all the tools you need to turn your website into a search engine magnet.

And if you need help with any of this, you know where to find me.

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