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We launched FBT Architects’ website this week. It marks an increasingly rare (for Evo) instance of building websites with a custom-developed Content Management System, as we’ve moved primarily to WordPress as a CMS platform.

In this case, however, a custom CMS was necessary to allow FBT the ability to manage the portfolio thumbnail grid images the way they wanted to, arranging them easily and intuitively in the CMS admin area. Adding complexity to the arrangement is the website’s need to highlight thumbnails in the grid when a category of projects is selected, while also changing the list of projects below the thumbnail grid. Further complexity was added by the need to list projects for which there is no thumbnail or project description. A modified jQuery Slideviewer was used to animate the images on the individual project pages.

This is another website designed by Kilmer & Kilmer, Brand Builders, for which Evo provides development and programming services in what has become an ongoing relationship. Though I sometimes give them a slight ribbing for being print designers, they’re actually great to work with because they listen and adjust when I identify an accessibility or other web-related issue. Not all print designers will do that, and their clients suffer as a result. It’s a credit to Kilmer that they put client needs high on the priority list when designing a website, and it’s one of the reasons I like working with them.

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