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It’s been a year since we started to redesign our website. The old “cobbler’s children, barefoot” thing, and all that: evowebdev.com had been wearing the same skin for almost three years, which is way too long. A lot changes in three years on the internet, and websites need to keep up. But finally, we’ve redesigned and relaunched on evoWhitespace, one of the WordPress themes we developed for business and professional organization websites.

Besides lots and lots of whitespace, the theme’s over-riding visual feature is simplicity. Functional, organized simplicity that allows the content to take center stage, much like paintings hung on white walls in a gallery. OK so it’s not exactly high art, but you get the metaphor, right?

The theme utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 (if you’re using Internet Explorer, you might not see some of the styling features; sorry), and is iPad-friendly. Open Sans (Google web font) and Georgia are at the top of the font stacks.

We made use of the jQuery library and the following jQuery plugins: Anything Slider with jQuery Easing, Superfish Menu with Hover Intent, jQuery Better Show/Hide, and jQuery Tipsy.

Custom fields were created to make updating the site as quick and easy as possible (we don’t like wasting time updating our website any more than you do), and a “news” custom post type was incorporated (which means we need to create news).

While evowebdev.com was the first website designed for evoWhitespace, we’ve launched a couple of other sites on it before this launch. Getting paid to build a site speeds up the process considerably. 

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