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I recently wanted to add a feedback form that would be available on every page. Putting a feedback form in the footer would have been awkward, so I went looking for a popup (modal window) solution. Since we were already using Gravity Forms, I wanted to use it in the modal window, rather than one of the all-in-one solutions out there, like Popup Contact Form.

I had thought there might be a Gravity Forms add-on for this purpose, but as of now, there is not. Gravity Help (Gravity Forms’ support site) was not that helpful either, referring me to a 2009 post by David Peralty about how to use Fancy Box with Gravity forms. That solution didn’t look client-friendly (ie, could my client do this?), and a 6-yr-old tutorial seems iffy, in any case.

Eventually, I found Popup Maker. It works seamlessly with Gravity Forms (as well as Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms), and it can easily be styled to match your theme (most non-developer types could do it). Additional customization can be done via CSS. And, the modal window is responsive! The documentation for the plugin is reasonably good, certainly more than adequate for implementing and customizing style. Although available at modest prices, at this point I haven’t found a need for any of the plugin extensions or the upgraded version of the plugin. 

Here is the site: wesst.org. Scroll to the footer of any page and click on “Feedback” to see how it works.

UPDATE: Sorry, but we’ve (temporarily) disabled this form, which had recently become a target of human-submitted spam.

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