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If you think of your website as an expense, and not as an investment in your business, it’s quite likely it has one or more of the following issues. A well-designed and well thought out website can give your business or organization an edge that can be the difference between thriving and surviving (or not).

1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Maybe you’re one of the last holdouts who only access the web on your desktop or laptop unit, but sometime in 2013 mobile devices surpassed desktop/laptop devices and the gap continues to widen. If you’re not catering to mobile devices, you’re telling them to go away. To your competitors.

2. Your current site design was implemented more than three years ago.

Let’s face it, old-looking websites are the online equivalent of a run-down building with peeling paint and cracked windows. An old website tells visitors you’re not serious about keeping your online presence up-to-date, and by extension, about your keeping your business up-to-date. Maybe a few brave souls will look around and see what you have to offer, but most will hit the back button and select another search result.

3. Your business or organization could benefit from a website that’s integrated with your business practices.

If you’re still thinking of your website as an online brochure, your website is not carrying its fair share of your workload. How your website could pick up some of the workload is largely dependent on how your business/organization operates, but much of what you do in terms of customer interaction could be moved in whole or in part to your website. Done well, it will save you time and better serve your customers.

4. You have a lot of information on your site, but people complain that they can’t find it.

Your website needs a logical, simple menu system that’s intuitive for people to use, but it goes beyond the menu. Information architecture (design of information pathways and organization) must be fundamentally sound, and in line with what people come to your website for. It may mean a complete rethink of your site structure before an intuitive menu system can be implemented.

5. It’s a pain to update website text or add media, such as videos.

If you hate keeping the content of your site current because it’s difficult to do, chances are you won’t update your site for months (or years). Unless your business is completely static, your website will soon misrepresent it. And you don’t even want to think about the opportunities you’re missing by addressing changes in business environment on your site. Find a web developer who specializes in making the backend as easy to manage as the public-facing site is to navigate (hint: we do that).

6. Your analytics are in decline.

If you have a business/professional organization site, you should be watching your analytics: unique visitors,  page-views, referrers, etc. If you’re seeing a decline that’s not just a temporary glitch, something is wrong. Possibly you’re also seeing a similar slide in your business. Get a professional evaluation of your web presence and address the problems, which may or may not involve implementing a new website.

Don’t put up with a malfunctioning website. Click the button below to get an estimate on a new site that functions as a help, not a hindrance, for your business. 

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