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ACF, PHP | Type: PHPRandom order with ACF Repeater field

Repeatable fields can be stored in an array using PHP, and using the PHP shuffle() function, we can shuffle the array elements.

$customer_reviews = get_field('customer_reviews');
shuffle($customer_reviews); // magic happens here :)
if( have_rows('customer_reviews') ):
    foreach( $customer_reviews as $customer_review ):
    $review_title = $customer_review['review_title']; 
    $review_description = $customer_review['review_description'];
    $review_star_ratings = $customer_review['review_star_ratings'];
        echo '<h2>'.$review_title.'</h2>';
        echo '<p>'.$review_description.'</p>';
        echo '<strong>Stars: '.$review_star_ratings.'</strong>';
        echo '<hr/>';

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