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Snippets: CPT

CPT to CPT Reverse Query»

Reverse query from different post types associated via ACF relationship field.
ACF, CPT, WP Query | Type: PHP

Disable Gutenberg for selected Custom Post Types»

function my_disable_gutenberg( $current_status, $post_type ) { // Disabled post types $disabled_post_types = array( 'book', 'movie' ); // Change $can_edit to false for any post types in the disabled post types…

Eliminate Caching on Specific Page Templates and Post Types»

Put in your theme’s header.php file: <?php   if (is_page_template('page_eventslist.php')) {     //conditional, if desired     header('Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate');     header('Pragma: no-cache');     header('Expires: 0'); } ?>
CPT, WP/CP | Type: PHP

Multiple Templates for Custom Post Type»

Number of possible solutions; have not tested any of them yet. Maybe trying to make this too complicated: what about serving different template parts based on user type? Added Multiple…
CPT, WP/CP | Type: PHP

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