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Snippets: Forms

Change background and color of Chrome autofill»

.top .search-form input:-webkit-autofill, .top .search-form input:-webkit-autofill:hover, .top .search-form input:-webkit-autofill:focus, .top .search-form input:-webkit-autofill:active { -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 0 100px #222 inset !important; -webkit-text-fill-color:#fff!important; }
CSS, Forms | Type: CSS

Gravity Forms Ready Classes»

Add classes to GF form fields; these are the most commonly used, but look at the others also.
CSS, Forms | Type: CSS

Make Gravity Forms 2.6+ Compatible with Ozh Admin Menu»

Add this to adminmenu.css.php in the plugin’s inc file (if Ozh updates, must be re-added): div.wrap.gforms_edit_form.gforms_form_settings_wrap, body.forms_page_gf_entries.auto-fold .gforms_edit_form { top:30px!important; }
Forms | Type: CSS

Restore Gravity Forms Embed Button on TinyMCE»

Add to your theme functions file. Display on every WYSIWYG field /*****Restore Gravity Forms Embed Button on TinyMCE*********/ add_filter( 'gform_display_add_form_button', '__return_true' ); Display only for pages (I can’t get this…
Forms, TinyMCE | Type: PHP

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