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Snippets: Javascript

CSS-only Accordians»

When javascript doesn’t make the grade. HTML <div class="wrapper">     <div class="half">         <p>Open multiple</p>         <div class="tab"><input id="tab-one" name="tabs" type="checkbox" /> <!--can open several tabs at once-->             <label for="tab-one">Label One</label>             <div class="tab-content">…
CSS, Javascript | Type: CSS

Divs Same Height»

Make divs in a container equal heights.
Javascript, jQuery | Type: Javascript

jQuery Better Show-Hide»

A show-hide that still works(?not tested lately); changes toggle content.
Javascript, jQuery | Type: Javascript

Remove Metabox from Template»

When you need a particular metabox to disappear from a particular template.
Javascript, WP/CP | Type: Javascript

Responsive Table 2»

View at link at bottom. This table does not show active CSS and javascript.
CSS, Javascript, Responsive, Tables | Type: CSS

SmoothScroll to Top»

Positions element at top on scrolling using jQuery scrollTop.
Javascript, jQuery | Type: Javascript

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