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Users, WP/CP | Type: PHPRemove Personal Options Section from User Profile

Removes the ‘profile.php’ admin color scheme options.

remove_action( 'admin_color_scheme_picker', 'admin_color_scheme_picker' );
if ( ! function_exists( 'cor_remove_personal_options' ) ) {
  /** Removes the leftover 'Visual Editor', 'Keyboard Shortcuts' and 'Toolbar' options.*/
  function cor_remove_personal_options( $subject ) {
    $subject = preg_replace( '#

Personal Options

.+?/table>#s', '', $subject, 1 ); return $subject; } function cor_profile_subject_start() { ob_start( 'cor_remove_personal_options' ); } function cor_profile_subject_end() { ob_end_flush(); } } add_action( 'admin_head-profile.php', 'cor_profile_subject_start' ); add_action( 'admin_footer-profile.php', 'cor_profile_subject_end' );

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