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Last week we posted 7 reasons for businesses to blog. We’re big supporters of blogging as a low-cost, high-effect means for companies to engage their market.

But we recognize not for everyone is cut out to be a blogger. If any of the statements below apply to you, you probably should not blog, at least not for business purposes.

  1. You’re so busy writing orders and making trips to the bank to deposit money, you don’t have time to blog.
  2. You have no expertise in anything that anyone would be interested in. (Twitter might be a more suitable platform.)
  3. You’re illiterate. (Actually, we’re not sure this is a good reason.)
  4. You try to avoid walking within 10 feet of a computer without your tinfoil hat on.
  5. There’s a ghost in your computer who gets angry and zaps you when you touch the keyboard.
  6. Every time you try to write, it reminds you of when your third-grade teacher intercepted your love note to the little girl behind you and read it to the whole class, correcting your grammar and punctuation.
  7. You have a rare form of Tourette’s Syndrome that manifests itself in your writing.
  8. You’re not interested in any form of marketing that doesn’t give you a shot at an Addy award.
  9. You’re in the witness protection program and you need to keep a low profile.
  10. Your website is in the witness protection program and you’d prefer it didn’t attract attention.
  11. You told your mother you’re a piano player in a whorehouse and you don’t want her to be disappointed when she finds out you’re a blogger.
  12. You refuse to participate in any activity that doesn’t have a proper name. “Blogging” indeed!

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4 Responses to 12 Reasons Businesses Should NOT Blog

  1. Ray Gulick says:

    Barbara – Funny you should ask. I’m talking with some folks about a program that includes workshops. Will be sure to mention it on EvoBloggito when/if it happens. Thanks.

  2. Barbara says:

    This is brilliant! Do you conduct any local workshops?

  3. Ray Gulick says:

    Thanks, Harlan. I think any one of these is reason enough to avoid blogging, but maybe my standards are too high.

  4. Harlan says:

    You say we shouldn’t blog if ANY of the statements apply? The outlook would be brighter if you had said not to blog if (say) more than 3 of the statements apply. Fun post.