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I got into business to make a living. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that: I know my family appreciates that part of what I do. And certainly there are lots of people, recently laid off, to whom earning a living is a primary concern. I don’t under-estimate the importance of making a living, but I believe many of the companies that will come out of the downturn stronger are owned and managed by people who are focused on making a difference.

Concentrating on making a difference—in our industry, our community, or even within our own company—brings a special kind of energy to what we do and how we do it. While it doesn’t obviate the need for solid business skills and processes, it provides context and purpose to business activities. It summons inspiration and creativity from the depths of wherever inspiration and creativity come from. And it finds and takes advantage of opportunities we’d otherwise miss.

Business (especially small business) is propelled forward on personal energy, which feeds on a strong sense of purpose, something beyond making a living. I plan to come out of the recession with a stronger company (we’re still busy; so far, so good), and I’m starting with identifying where and how I want to make a difference.

It’ll be our own, do-it-yourself stimulus package.

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