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When we implement a blog for a client, it feels a little like we just delivered one of those little Easter chickens (the ones that drop jelly beans as they walk). As delivered, the blog is ready to go, but the bloggers have to load them up with jelly beans, wind them up, send them off to drop jelly beans a couple of times a week to really benefit from having a blog.

Blogs need readers. Readers need to see new posts. No new posts, no readers. No readers, no benefit for your business.

Let there be jelly beans. At least weekly, please.

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One Response to Blog Readers Only Come for the Jelly Beans

  1. That’s a great analogy. If the companies aren’t going to add content to the blog, why even bother?

    When I was a kid, we had a game with a chicken that pooped out little plastics balls and it circled the board. Similar to the jelly bean chicken. The ingenuity of the human mind …

    I stumbled across your blog via the “related websites” that indicated that this articled was related to mine. My post was a fiction crime story, so I don’t really see the connection … but it helped me stumble upon a good post, so I can’t complain.