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I’m not a huge fan of Twitter*, but I recognize its importance in marketing, if a significant portion of your market uses it. One of the best ways to use Twitter is to share interesting or useful webpages as you run across them. Finally, someone pointed me to an application that makes it incredibly quick and easy to do that. And when it comes to Twitter, if it isn’t quick and easy, I’m not doing it.

TBUZZ is an application from arc90. From the TBUZZ webpage, simply drag an icon onto your browser’s toolbar (photo above, right). Then, anytime you are on a webpage you want to share, click on it to open a dialog box that includes a shortened URL in a box in which you compose your tweet, and information about any other tweets about the page. That’s it. Short. Sweet. Simple. Nothing you don’t need, and it works beautifully. Almost makes Twitter fun.

UPDATE: May 2010, Firefox 3.6 seems to break TBUZZ. Partly as a result of that (and the fact that FF3.6 is so slow, I’m switching to Chrome, which is fast, and still allows TBUZZ to do it’s thing.

*I don’t dislike the Twitter application. I’m just not fond of the Twitter experience: all the noise.

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