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Fairy tales were fun when we were little. The dastardly, selfish, and conniving were always punished. Meanwhile, handsome, brave, pure-hearted princes or tailors hooked up with beautiful, pure-hearted princesses (or beautiful, pure-hearted commoners) and lived happily ever after, often after some help from a fairy godmother or some other magical being.

Unfortunately, too many small business owners appear to be waiting for the Small Business Fairy to whack them with her wand, rather than adopting new marketing techniques with which other businesses have found success. If you’re one of those, you should know that I talked with the Small Business Fairy recently, and I have some bad news. The Small Business Fairy doesn’t have much of a work ethic, and she’s not ever going to get to you, no matter how brave, pure-hearted, or otherwise deserving you might be.

If you want to find your fortune with your small business, you’re going to have to do it without the Small Business Fairy’s help (trust me: she’s not coming). You’re going to have to muster all the bravery and pure-heartedness you can and start a business blog. And maybe establish a business Facebook page. Maybe even, you will need to “tweet.” You, brave small businessman (or business woman) must hack your way through the thorny underbrush of social media. Having done so, however, you will be rewarded, as good fortune (and Google) smiles upon you. And there are people who can help you get there: no magic wands or spells, but sound advice.

It could be worse. There could be dragons.

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