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ThemeGrade is a website that tests and grades WordPress themes for general code compliance and for on-page SEO. Our recently launched theme for professional designers using WordPress as a CMS (Evo4 CMS) scored 6 of 7 points on the SEO portion, and 12 of 16 points on the general portion of the test (2 points were deducted because we don’t offer support: It’s a free theme! Who in their right mind would offer support for a giveaway?) At any rate, a silver rating puts Evo4 CMS in good company, in the top 30 of more than 175 themes currently, and we’re really pleased that our first theme did so well.

Other than offering support (maybe on the next release, we’ll make it paid and offer support), we’re looking at the areas where we lost points to see how we can fix them, or if fixing them is even desireable. For instance, we lost a point by not having nested or threaded comments. I’m not sure we want to “fix” that. First, few people use or want nested or threaded comments, and second, if they do, there are some pretty good plugins available to make that happen.

We lost another point having to do with sidebar link heirarchy. Frankly, I’m not sure what that is, but I will find out. And I’ll also do some research on what the SEO issue is with “home page heading.”

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