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We launched two WordPress-based websites this week, and I’m pleased with both. But I’m really happy double launches are an unusual event. So many things need to happen just before launch, in addition to the inevitable last-minute content changes, and two at once is pretty demanding.

The first site, launching Thursday evening, is The Hilltop Landscape Architects and Contractors. The Hilltop is the premier landscape company in New Mexico, both in residential and commercial landscaping. They decided a new website was in order to serve as the foundation for their marketing efforts. Their site is built on WordPress and includes a blog, several galleries (The Hilltop has great photos, and you should go check them out), and a New Mexico Landscaping Plants and Trees resource and reference. We will be working with them for the next several months, coaching them in making the most of their website in marketing their services.

The second site, launching just about 24 hours later, is Passages International. Passages provides green funeral products to funeral homes, allowing funeral homes to offer green funerals to the growing number of people who want them. Their website features product galleries, with plans to evolve toward taking wholesale orders online. Some related websites will follow shortly, including a site serving the United Kingdom and a site offering products for green pet funerals.

As demanding as the sites were as they slide down the rails together, the companies are both interesting and the people associated with them are great people. As such, these sites represent some of our best best work, much of it behind the scenes utilizing WordPress custom fields to expand its CMS capabilities.

Both sites were built on WordPress with our own Evo4 CMS theme. If you look at both, a similar structure can be detected, but the look and feel of the sites are completely different. Evo4 CMS gives designers a “blank canvas” on which to support almost any business’ branding and marketing needs, and launching these two sites together for two very different kinds of businesses allows us to highlight the theme’s flexibility.

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