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Recently I launched a complete remake of my personal art site: raygulick.com. I’m an oil painter, and my painting site has needed an upgrade for at least 2-3 years. Some opportunities as a painter are beginning to come my way, so I had some motivation to redesign the website and, of course, I built it on WordPress.

I started out looking at existing gallery themes (there are literally hundreds), but could not find one that wasn’t over-complicated, under-documented, or both. In the interest of both saving some time and ending up with what I wanted, I decided to create my own gallery theme that suits the way I want to work and display my art. EvoGallery CMS was the result. It shares some characteristics with Evo4CMS theme, but there are significant differences in the grid and in functionality specifically suited for online galleries.

The theme has a deliberately stripped-down appearance that allows website visitors to focus their attention on the artwork. For now, the website utilizes only the homepage gallery, but as I need additional galleries, they can be easily added. “Sold” or “NFS” items can easily be indicated without having to create a new thumbnail image. Care has been taken to make the theme as quickly and easily “update-able” by artists (not normally HTML monkeys) as possible.

I’ve decided not to release EvoGallery CMS for public download while I mull over some business opportunities in which the theme may play a role.

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