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Most people think having a website has value. They’re wrong.

Lots of people and businesses and organizations have websites (although as recently as a year ago, only 37% of US small businesses had one).

But having a website is sort of like having a hammer. Just because you own one doesn’t mean you’re building a house, or even putting up a shelf. If the hammer sits unused in the toolbox, you might might as well not have a hammer, for all the good it’s doing you.

Websites are like that. They’re tools. Used properly, they can help you build a business or start a movement. Left un-utilized on your webhost account (never updated, no interaction with readers, etc.—you know the type), they accomplish nothing.

Primarily, websites are comunication/connection tools. Once you’re good at using your website for communicating and connecting (as with most tools, some practice is required for you to use it effectively: expect an occasional sore thumb), your website can also shoulder some of the burden of sales and delivery of goods and services. But first, you have to successfully use your website for communicating and connecting. (FYI, websites make very poor “look-how-impressive-we-are” tools, though that’s primarily how businesses use them.)

Most of us are reasonably good at dreaming and talking about what we would do if we had the means. We’re not nearly as good at following through when the means is right in front of us. “If I had a hammer,” the old folk song used to say.

Websites, particularly those on platforms like WordPress, are tools that provide us with the means to pursue our goals. But they have to be used. Ladies and gentlemen, pick up your hammers and let’s “hit it.”

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3 Responses to Having a website? Meaningless. Using a website? Priceless.

  1. Ray Gulick says:

    Philos – Nothing wrong with experimenting with different tools. That means you’re doing something, learning something, and probably making some progress toward your goals. The much more common scenario is having a tool but not using it: no learning, no doing, no progress. Good luck to you.

  2. Philos says:

    Like you say that websites are like tools, they sure are. I had my site set on wordpress, then thought that hammer (I mean the wordpress platform) wasn’t good enough, then I used another tool thinking it was the best only to realise that it was not much better. So webmasters should also look at the type of hammers they carry around in their toolbox – I mean they should get the best hammer possible, and use it effectively. So I think before starting a website, that is your hammer, you should ask yourself if the platform you are going to use is the best one to achieve your goals, then set down into business – make good use of your hammer. Right now I’m going back to Wordpress

  3. I love reading wisdom dispensed so clearly.